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My name is Alex C Barr
I believe in data first marketing and offer technical SEO & PPC to businesses between 1 & 5 Million dollars in revenue.

My Simple Formula

Gather Data

The biggest issue plaguing businesses currently doing internet marketing is a lack of data that is collected either by their in house team or contracted agency.

Analize Data

The biggest problem businesses are facing that have an online presence is the guessing game caused by a lack of direction from not building a roadmap from available data.

Implement Analysis

The biggest misconception businesses are making is that online marketing doesn't work for them. I constantly disprove this by implementing a data roadmap!


  • Alex knows his stuff. Definitely one of the top digital marketers in the business.

    Adam Colbert

    Happy Client
  • Very knowledgeable in what he does. In what he sets his mind to he makes it happen! Has helped me in the past when I was fishing for information. If you are into lead gen or local SEO, Ask him about his plugins!

    Micheal Hundley

    Happy Client
  • One of the great lead generation guys in the business. Great guy to work with.

    Alan Leenhouts

    Happy Client
  • testimonial-quote
    The man -The myth - The legend!!!!!! 

    A great help to all of us in this digital quagmire!

    Bob Cairns

    Happy Client
  • The first time we met in Colorado, that 2 hour conversation we had quadrupled my agency in size!

    Brent Jacobs

    Happy Client
  • Alex is an amazing marketing contact to have in your list and has shown a proven ability to solve problems while also providing above par service!

    If you have marketing needs or questions I highly suggest a conversation with Alex!

    Vern Van Tassel

    Happy Client
  • Alex is a real pro when it comes to SEO and driving high-quality leads to a site. I’ve seen how Alex's skills have single-handedly brought significantly more traffic to customer’s websites and drive for them. As a fellow SEO professional, I'd highly recommend his services to anyone who’s serious about turning their business around.

    Mitchell Gaskey

    Happy Client
  • It was a pleasure working with Alex recently as he is a very knowledgeable and experienced SEO expert. If you're a local business owner looking to expand your business, Alex is your guy.

    David Castro

    Happy Client
  • Alex is a real SEO expert that can take any business and bring it in number ONE position and keep it there as long as you need.
    He is dedicated and very skillfully at what he does.
    So make your business a favor and hire this guys, you want regret it.

    Shaun Soria

    Happy Client
  • If you are looking to get more clicks to your website and increase your revenue, Alex is the person to contact. I personally vouch for his expertise in SEO, online marketing and his skills in delivering real outcomes for his clients. Strongly recommend his service to any business looking to dominate the Google search results

    Michael Baugh

    Happy Client
  • Hi Alex, thought I'd drop you a thank you note for the amazing results you got for my website. Your SEO methods created amazing results our traffic has increased by 40% and sales are up by 70%, truly amazing! Thanks again mate, will pass your contact details along to some friends. Regards Daniel Warren

    Daniel P Warren

    Happy Client
  • We hired Alex to inform us of our SEO efforts. We found his expertise comprehensive, his communication skills excellent, and he was highly ethical. He provided solutions specific to our situation and was very willing to explain the rationale behind his recommendations. Refreshingly, if there was something he didn’t know, he said so. He is highly detail oriented and customer focused. If you work with Alex you’ll experience high availability, fast responses, communication in the forms you need and great expectation setting.

    Amazon Invest

    Happy Client
  • Most website developers have only a basic understanding of SEO at best. It's a specialized knowledge that needs to be acquired and developed. Alex is that rare exception who has that skill set needed to get results.

    Len Ferrara

    Happy Client
  • They say that Google's algorithm cannot be cracked, or that there are just way too many ranking factors to really have a jump off point, but Alex seems to defy that notion. He is a great contact and really knows his stuff

    Gregory Brooks

    Happy Client
  • We have been doing SEO client work for the last seven years and recently came across Alex. He knows the SEO field better than most. I would trust him with my website and marketing.

    Ezra LLC

    Happy Client
  • I wouldn't trust my sites with anyone other than Alex. He stays on top of google algorithm changes and always knows what adjustments need to be made to outrank my competitors. He is truly an SEO genius.

    Tyler Lyon

    Happy Client
  • I have worked with Alex Barr for almost 10 years; He designed my first website, and has been instrumental in providing targeted SEO options as well as helping me with my marketing efforts.
    Alex has taken Bamboo Bot to a high level of success,
    and I am confident that his expertise and knowledge will turn your business website into a revenue-generating success too!

    Linda Joy

    Happy Client
  • Alex is hands down one the leading SEO experts in the industry. His knowledge is truly impactful in tactics to rank in Google. He is one of the few internet marketers that puts ALL of the pieces together for stellar success.

    Sean Anthony

    Happy Client
  • Alex is amazing to work with and his knowledge of Search Engine Marketing never ceases to impress. If you get the chance to work with him I highly recommend it!

    Shane Gebhards

    Happy Client
  • It would be a complete understatement to say that Alex is 'knowledgeable' about what he does. I have not met anyone to date who understands and implements technology the way that he does. And aside from being this guru behind the screen, Alex is also an incredible people-person and is always such a pleasure to work with. He's helpful, efficient, down-to earth, and so graciously answers all of the questions I throw his way. I'm very grateful to have him as a mentor and part of my network.

    Kailey Staiano

    Happy Client
  • Alex is extremely knowledgeable within the SEO industry. He knows how to get results when it comes to generating new leads. I highly recommend you reach out to him.

    Ron Valdivia

    Happy Client
  • Alex and I share the same SEO Mastermind group, he generously shares high level information over and over again. I'm constantly amazed by Alex's level of generosity and expertise which makes him a great mastermind member to have. Alex's attention to detail is second to none, if anyone needs SEO services around Colorado he's your go-to guy.

    Cason Bo

    Happy Client
  • Working with Alex has been a great pleasure. He is professional and dedicated and a true SEO guru!

    Sarvy van Maris

    Happy Client
  • Alex has been a great help to our organization. He leapt in where needed with enthusiasm, asked the right questions, and then created an effective web presence for our fledgling group.

    Elizabeth "Elise" Weiland

    Happy Client
  • Alex is a very competent when it comes to SEO. He was able to help me rank competitive keyword in more than few times. His approach to Search Engine Optimization is practical, efficient, and will definitely yield results. I highly recommend him if you are looking for an SEO genius.

    William Torres

    Happy Client
  • I find Alex highly devoted to everything SEO: thorough, patient, dig for answers, He's not afraid to ask all possible questions and investigate to find for solutions, and that's what he does- find solutions, and make things work and happen.

    Personally I think his clock has more than 24 hours a day- his produce and multi functioning is not logically reasonable for 24 hours normal day!

    Alex is a quite guy, gifted with rare sensitivity, and the ability to actually listen, and in the same time if you listen to him- you'll find a humor genius, a great conversation affiliate & a reliable advise giver, willing to help and give a hand.

    I don't know people similar to Alex- he is one of a kind, and I truly believe that every organization will employ or connect with Alex in any kind of professional relationship will gain from it highly.

    Just pray that your competition will not find out about his contact details.

    Roland Millaner

    Happy Client
  • Alex resonates with quality and is an innovative SEO. He literally dominates his competition. Amazing knowledge, outstanding results and impressive punctuality in doing business. This was really a win-win situation for me and my business

    Matt Jambrovic

    Happy Client
  • Having worked with Alex in the past, he is very detail oriented and gave some insights to internet marketing that I have not thought of before. It was a pleasure to work with him during our seminar. I look forward to conversing with Alex again as I always get new ideas! Thanks Alex

    Jehad Mahmoud

    Happy Client

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About Me

🙏 Faith

My faith in Yahshua is the very foundation of my life. Everything else is built off of this, my beliefs, integrity, how I do business and operate both personally and professionally. I strive to be a man of Yahweh and to be the best Father and Husband I am called to be.

❤️ Family

My family is everything. I am so lucky to have found the most beautiful, independent and supportive woman as my wife. Among being an entrepreneur, horse trainer and loving stepmom she is an adventure seeker and keeps us on our toes with fun and exciting trips! My smart, handsome and fun-loving son is a joy to be around and always keeps use laughing. He has a huge heart and a passion for learning. I am so thankful that these two are in my life and make everyday awesome!

🇺🇸 Freedom

My country, the United States of America, was founded on freedom. Freedoms of speech, religion and so forth are all civil liberties we as American citizens experience each and every day. Freedom however isn't free of charge, grief, pain or suffering as men and women have and many still do and others will in the future suffer, fight and even die for freedom. Without freedom we are nothing but slaves, cogs in a system. We have the responsibility and duty to uphold and maintain freedom against all those that oppose it.
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