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"Faith, Family, Freedom!"

— Alex C Barr


My faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the very foundation of my life. Everything else is built off of this, my beliefs, integrity, how I do business and operate both personally and professionally. I strive to be a man of God and to be the best Father and Husband I am called to be.


My family is everything. I am so lucky to have found the most beautiful, independent and supportive woman as my wife. Among being an entrepreneur, horse trainer and loving stepmom she is an adventure seeker and keeps us on our toes with fun and exciting trips! My smart, handsome and fun-loving son is a joy to be around and always keeps use laughing. He has a huge heart and a passion for learning. I am so thankful that these two are in my life and make everyday awesome!


My country, the United States of America, was founded on freedom. Freedoms of speech, religion and so forth are all civil liberties we as American citizens experience each and every day. Freedom however isn't free of charge, grief, pain or suffering as men and women have and many still do and others will in the future suffer, fight and even die for freedom. Without freedom we are nothing but slaves, cogs in a system. We have the responsibility and duty to uphold and maintain freedom against all those that oppose it.